You don’t need a gym to get in shape: exercises for your living room!

You may have an intense daily routine which makes hard for you to go to the gym regularly, but you shouldn’t give up on doing exercises. There are many ways to keep yourself fit without spending time at the gym or even going outside!

We made a list of the nine best schedules and exercises that will take you only few minutes and you will only need some space on your house floor.


If you’re used to exercising schedules, the experts recommend choosing routines which include full body movements and lots of cardio. There are many ways to keep yourself fit and the internet offers a wide range of strategies and schedules to which we can inspire.

Some routines require weights or other equipment but there many that involve only your body weight. You can range from the most classical exercises – push-ups, pull-ups, etc. – to the most particular and focused ones.


If you are trying to lose weight but you’re not the kind of person to go outside for a long walk or run, you should try a home cardio routine. Many workouts that include circuits – like jumping jacks – rely only on your body weight, others call for free weights and jump ropes.


Squats and pushups are a great method to build a strong body and modern exercises let you work on your core and lower body. To do a perfect pushup, you should keep your back perfectly flat throughout the whole movement, keeping your stare about one meter in front of you for not straining your neck.

If you think pushups are boring, you should try to mix them involving hands and knees movements. For example, you should try doing pushups on bent knees, one hand at a time or with the aid of a medicine ball.

Lower body

If you aim to improve your glutes, quads, thighs or hamstrings, you should go for a routine which involves squats and lunges – with no equipment needed. You should mix more types of squats to get the best result. You can try to jump at the end of the movement or squatting on a single leg, keeping the other one straight in front of you during all the movement.


Abs workouts are the ones with the easiest exercises to do at home, because many of them don’t require any equipment. There are many variations to the classical exercises – sit-ups, crunches and planks. Try to mix them. For example, you can extend your arms over your head while you do a sit-up, doing half a sit-up!


Everybody knows that yoga helps us with our flexibility and calming our minds, but it has more than only these benefits. It also helps improving our digestion and our immunity system, as well as brain functions.

It can be harsh to master yoga alone without any help, but there are plenty beginner poses from which you may start exploring this broad world.

How to create your own schedule

Experts suggest including five key elements in your daily routine at home. First, your workout should start with a warm-up – you can try walking on spot if you don’t have the space for a brief walk. Then, you should include some cardio – like jumping with the rope – and some resistance exercise – squats, pushups or lifting small weights is fine. After that, you should go for stretches or yoga exercises to increase flexibility and finish with cool down.

Last, but not least, you should always mix up your workout routine or practice with a friend to avoid getting bored. Schedule your exercises and try to stick to your plan, so they can become a fundamental part of your daily routine.

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